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Skype Consultation

Skype Consultation

If you’re interested in a Skype consultation, please fill out the form below. Once the Skype consultation is scheduled you will receive an email confirmation of the consultation date and time. Please take a moment to review preparation for the consultation, what will be reviewed during the consultation, and what happens after the consultation…

1. Prepare for Consultation
  • Think about all questions pertaining to the procedure you are interested in
  • If you are interested in looking like a specific procedure, please have the photo(s) ready to show the physician
  • Have all health Medical Record Information ready such as Medications, Past Medical History, Past Surgical History, and Allergies available for the physician
2. During the Consultation
  • Discuss options with physician for treatment
  • Discuss healing
  • Discuss pre and post care
  • Discuss outcomes or results
3. After the Consultation
  • You will receive a quote from our office base on the procedure(s) discussed in your consultation

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