Surgical vs. Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction: What You Need to Know

Breast Reconstruction Beverly Hills & PasadenaThe reconstruction of the breasts differs from breast augmentation. Breast reconstruction is a term used when the breast is rebuilt, reshaped, and improved following a non-elective breast procedures such as lumpectomy or mastectomy. When reconstructing the breasts, there are two types of surgical procedures: surgical reconstruction and micro-surgical reconstruction. But what’s the difference?

A breast reconstruction restores the appearance, shape, and texture of the breast. Once the breast is removed during a mastectomy, it loses function and union with the rest of the body. A silicon or saline implant may be used or a new breast mound can be constructed using tissue from the patient’s own body.

Microsurgical breast reconstruction is a more complicated procedure. It utilizes a microscope and miniature instruments to relocate tissue and their blood vessels to the new breast mound, allowing the reconstructed breast to react naturally with the rest of body as it ages or experiences fluctuations in weight. Microsurgical breast reconstruction uses tissue from the abdomen or upper thighs, which closely resembles breast tissue. There are several different types of microsurgical breast reconstruction procedures that include different places that your surgeon can transplant tissue from. This will depend on your body shape and size.

Microsurgical breast reconstruction offers:

  • Permanent results
  • Breasts that feel more soft and genuine than implants
  • Breasts that look more natural than implants
  • The aesthetic perk of a removing extra skin and fat from the tummy or inner thighs

Very few plastic surgeons perform microsurgical breast reconstruction because of its complex nature. This type of procedure takes longer than surgical reconstruction. Dr. Rogers and Dr. Nima Naghshineh are plastic surgeons that specialize in microsurgical breast reconstruction, which can often produce superior results but may not be appropriate for all patients.

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