Breast Reduction

Candidates for Breast Reduction Surgery

Some women may feel awkward and self-conscious about the proportion of their breasts in comparison to the rest of their body. Breast Reduction surgery can alleviate pain and make performing daily activities easier. This procedure can also result in a more aesthetically appealing and proportional silhouette. The breasts are lifted and the shape and firmness of the breasts are enhanced with breast reduction surgery. Breast Reduction procedures can only be performed on patients whose breasts are fully developed.

For some patients who only need fatty tissue removed, liposuction can be performed to reduce the size of the breasts. Although this method does not result in dramatic results, it is less invasive.

The Procedure

Breast Reduction is a surgical procedure that reduces the volume of tissue and fat in the breasts. Patients are left with breasts more proportional and manageable to their body size.

For those struggling with the discomfort of overly large breasts, Breast Reduction surgery may be the answer for you.

The Process

  1. Consultation with Dr. Leif Rogers
  2. Create a customized surgical plan
  3. Take pre-op photos
  4. Meet with our Practice Manager, Robin Chamberlain
  5. Schedule surgery with our Surgical Coordinator
  6. Obtain surgical clearance from your family doctor
  7. Return to the office for a pre-op before Surgery
  8. Have surgery
  9. Return to the office within one week of surgery for your post op visit

The Recovery

Following a Breast Reduction procedure, patients should expect to take at least one week off from work. During the first few days post-surgery, it is normal to feel sore and tired. Over the first month of recovery, strenuous exercise must be put on hold to allow for proper healing.