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Body sculpting, also known as male body contouring, is a cosmetic procedure that aims to reshape and enhance the male physique by removing excess fat and tightening the underlying muscles. The procedure is designed to help men achieve a more toned, athletic, and masculine-looking body, which can sometimes be difficult to accomplish, even with consistent exercise and regular healthy eating. Body contouring helps to build muscle and eliminate the presence of stubborn pockets of persistent fatty tissue, so you can show the world a more toned and masculine look, and enjoy all of the exciting self-confidence that comes along with doing so. If you’d like to learn more about the various body contouring options Dr. Rogers and his team offer, reach out to our Beverly Hills office and set up your initial consultation today.

Your Body Transformation with Leif Rogers, MD, FACS

Our body sculpting procedure highlights the muscle tone you have worked hard to develop. Through a combination of liposuction and lipo-chiseling, Dr. Rogers will accentuate the muscular anatomy under the skin, revealing that hard-earned muscle tone. Body sculpting is a customized process involving a combination of power-assisted liposuction, VASER ultrasonic-assisted liposuction, and Renuvion plasma-assisted liposuction to contour the body and tighten the skin.

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Is Body Sculpting Right for Me?

What to Consider

Men who are in good overall health, have a stable weight, and are close to their ideal body weight may be good candidates for male body sculpting. Ideal candidates should also have specific areas of the body with excess fat or loose skin that are resistant to diet and exercise. It’s worth noting that body sculpting is not intended to be a weight loss solution and should not be used as a substitute for healthy lifestyle habits.

Your Consultation

Before undergoing the procedure, you’ll visit with Dr. Rogers for an in-person consultation. You’ll have the chance to ask Dr. Rogers any questions you might have, and he’ll take the opportunity to explore everything you need to know about your upcoming procedure. He’ll also provide you with detailed aftercare instructions, a clear recovery timeline, and everything you need to enjoy total peace of mind during your journey with us.

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Why Patients Love This Procedure

Body contouring is a great way to overcome the frustration that can be caused by persistent pockets of fat that simply won’t respond to diet and exercise. It’s a great way to finally bring your personal fitness goals across the finish line so you can show off your toned new physique in a variety of social settings. 

Some of the additional benefits that come with male body sculpting include:

  • Improved body confidence
  • Better overall health
  • Enhanced muscle definition
  • Improved posture
  • Reduced body fat
  • Long-lasting results

Your Unique Body Sculpting Experience

Male body sculpting procedures are typically performed under general anesthesia, which means the patient is fully unconscious during the procedure. This allows the surgeon to perform the procedure safely and comfortably for the patient.

A liposuction procedure to remove small pockets of fat from the abdomen may take around one to two hours to complete, while a more extensive procedure that involves liposuction, abdominoplasty, and chest sculpting may take up to four to six hours or more.

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The Recovery Process

Your recovery time will range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the extent of the procedure and the specific details of your bespoke surgical plan. Dr. Rogers will ensure that you’re provided with specific instructions on when you can resume your regular activities and exercise routine, and our team will be sure to set up follow-up appointments that enable you to guide your healing and ensure that you’re recovering comfortably. If you’d like to get started and learn more about what male body sculpting can do for you, reach out to Dr. Rogers’ Beverly Hills office and set up your initial consultation today.

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