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Women undergo breast augmentation for a variety of reasons – some women may need to reconstruct the breasts after a mastectomy, while others simply want to enhance the appearance of their breasts. Whatever the reason, most people hope for a more natural breast augmentation procedure that does not leave their body looking artificial.

The good news is, most qualified plastic surgeons have no issue creating natural-looking breasts using techniques like implants and fat grafting. If you schedule a consultation with a surgeon, they can help you figure out what type of breast enhancement would work best for your figure and overall goals.

With a little research and careful consideration beforehand, most women find breast augmentation leaves them looking and feeling better.

Do Breast Implants Look Natural?

Yes. If you work with the right surgeon and weigh your options carefully, breast implants absolutely look natural.

From cup size to shape, there is much to consider when considering breast implants. There is no one-size-fits all option for implants and what looks natural on one woman may not look natural on another.


Some implants are round while others have a more contoured shape, often described as “tear-drop shaped.” While many assume the latter will automatically look more natural, this is not always the case. Round implants that are proportionate to your body type often look just as  or more natural than shaped ones.

Shaped implants are often called “gummy bear implants” as they are filled with a thicker gel than traditional silicone implants. Gummy bear or cohesive gel implants with higher viscosity have their pros and cons. A plastic surgeon can talk you through your options and determine which shape would most flatter your figure.


Implants are generally placed either over or under the pectoralis muscle. In most cases, surgeons opt to place implants under the muscle, especially with thinner women. Placing the implant under the muscle generally looks more natural and enhances the existing breast tissue.

However, this placement can put you at risk for something called “animation deformity.” This occurs when the implant moves during flexion of the pectoralis muscle creating an unnatural look. Animation deformity usually requires follow-up surgery to treat.

Those who are very physically active may benefit from having an implant placed above the pectoralis muscle as this decreases the risk for animation deformity.

The Size

Size is among the most subjective factors when it comes to natural breast augmentation. While some people may be inclined to go for the biggest implants possible, this can look unnatural depending on your frame. In fact, small implants often look better on certain body types. Larger implants are often associated with more long term complications than small implants.  

The best way to determine your implant size is to talk to your surgeon about your desired breast size. They can give recommendations on how to get to that size without sacrificing a natural look.

What About Fat Grafting?

Fat grafting is often considered a more natural form of breast augmentation. During fat grafting, your surgeon takes fat from other areas of the body and transfers it to the breasts. This allows you to enhance the size and shape of your breast using your own fat cells.

Many people prefer fat grafting because it doesn’t require an artificial implant or any significant incisions. While fat grafting does not yield as dramatic results as breast implants, the use of natural fat means the breasts feel more natural afterwards. Some patients feel fat grafting leaves them with more natural-looking breasts overall as well.

You may be an especially good candidate for fat grafting if you have unwanted fat on other areas of the body that does not respond to diet and exercise. For example, if you have unwanted fat deposits on your stomach, you can have them transferred to your breasts via fat grafting.

While fat transfer to the breast does not inherently look more natural than implants, it is worth considering if you prefer the benefits of avoiding an implant and the assurance of not needing future surgeries.

Breast Augmentation: The Bottom Line

While many women fear breast augmentation will leave their breast looking unnatural, this is usually not the case. It is important to do your research when considering plastic surgery, and a breast augmentation is no different. If you spend the necessary time weighing your options and talking with your surgeon, you will be left with natural-looking breasts that will help improve your self-esteem and self-image.

Ready to get started? Leif Rogers is an Ivy League-educated, board-certified plastic surgeon and a standing member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. If you’re considering breast augmentation, get in touch with his team to schedule a consultation.  

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