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For patients with a proportionately smaller lower face, undergoing a jaw implant procedure is an excellent way to accentuate the jawline and create balance. Whether from overbites, underbites or miscellaneous misalignment, a weak jawline leads to softer features on the lower half of a face. A jaw implant is a safe way to reverse this, add volume; aligning your facial features to create a stronger, more distinct presence.

The Process

Jaw implants surgery generally takes 1 to 3 hours to perform, and is typically done under heavy sedation – whether that be local anesthesia or total unconsciousness. It’s considered a relatively minor risk, but being open with your doctor about all current medical conditions is still vital before going under.

During surgery, the doctor will make small openings inside the mouth, and insert the implants directly over the bone and under the muscle, correcting current imbalances. Afterwards, the doctor will close the incisions and apply facial compression. In some instances, a screw is necessary to prevent the implant from moving during the healing process.


Mild bruising is typical of patients recovering from jaw implant surgery, along with expected swelling. A chin-strap is usually employed afterwards to control the swelling, and safeguard the face as it begins to heal. Altogether, patient recovery time can take up to a month, with mild pain and lack of jaw mobility persisting for at least the first few weeks.


As previously stated, the risks for jaw implant surgery are relatively low. Patients with chronic periodontal disease or significant malocussion are not ideal subjects for the procedure. Other side effects include possible bleeding, infection or displaced implants. If you’re thinking of undergoing this procedure, make sure to take the rest and recovery period very seriously.

Is it Right For You?

After weighing the risks and benefits, decide for yourself whether jaw implant surgery is the right call for you. Jaw implants can add striking volume and correct a weak jawline, but proper care and consideration remain integral for a successful procedure.

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