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Plastic Surgery Trends in 2023: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Plastic surgery has come a long way recently, with new techniques and technologies constantly developing. And just like fashion trends come and go, it’s also common for certain types of plastic surgeries that achieve specific looks to become trendy and later go out of style. While some types of plastic surgeries, such as breast augmentation and liposuction, are staples that will always be in demand, some of these trends are increasing in popularity for what is considered aesthetically popular right now.  Some of these trends have become extremely popular recently among those looking to enhance their appearance, while other previously popular plastic surgery trends have declined in demand. This post will look at some of the plastic surgery trends in 2023 and see which trends are phasing out. 

Facelifts Are Becoming More Popular

Before, facelifts were an invasive procedure typically only considered for mature patients at least 50 to 60 years of age and up to reverse advanced signs of aging. However, with advances in technology and surgical techniques, surgeons can provide less invasive options and the rise of the mini facelift is reaching more patients under the age of 50. 

Other facelift trends, such as the “ponytail facelift”, which aims to create the same lifted effect you get when wearing a high, tight ponytail, can be offered to patients opting for less invasive facelift procedures. We also see people seeking surgical options at an earlier age rather than waiting until their skin and face have significantly aged. 

Fillers Are on The Way Out & New Injectable Treatments Are Coming In

Facial fillers became extremely popular over the past few years as a way to perfect the face without the invasiveness of going under surgery. Dermal fillers became popular for plumping the lips, adding volume to the cheeks, defining the chin and jawline, and more. However, many injectable patients are experiencing filler fatigue and realizing the limits, and sometimes negative results, of long-term regular filler use. 

Some unwanted effects of facial fillers include:

  • Filler migration: occurs when the injected substance migrates beyond the areas it was originally injected, resulting in volume in unwanted places. 
  • Lumpiness in the face from an improper injection, placement, or migration of the filler substance after injection.
  • Moon or pillow face: common terms for when too much filler is used in the face and creates a very rounded, puffed out, or bloated look making you look older.

One report found that many women started dissolving their dermal fillers in 2021. Today,  more women are opting for other injectables to enhance the face that don’t involve adding volume and potentially going overboard. 

One injectable treatment that’s gaining popularity in place of fillers is the Botox brow lift. While injectable brow lifts have always been available and performed, we can expect to see more of them in 2023. A lifted appearance to the brows and eye area creates a softer, more approachable, and open look. While some patients achieve this look through eyebrow lifts and eyelid surgery, a Botox brow lift provides people with a non-surgical option who want to achieve the same look without the invasive procedure or dramatic results. 

Breast Augmentations and Liposuction Will Still Be Popular 

Breast augmentations and liposuction are considered staples in the plastic surgery industry, and it’s no surprise they’ll continue to grow in popularity and stay in plastic surgery trends this year. People desiring to enhance their physique may opt for procedures that provide long-lasting results as they become more conscious of their money and spend it on things that will last. Breast augmentations and liposuction are known for creating dramatic results as well as long-lasting results. Breast implants typically last ten years, while liposuction results, pending diet, are usually permanent. 

Skinny Brazilian Butt Lifts Are Replacing the Old BBL Look

The Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a surgical procedure that involves removing fat from areas such as the waist, flanks, back, and thighs through liposuction and then injecting the fat into the buttock and hip area to create an hourglass shape. This procedure quickly became one of the most popular body plastic surgeries over the last decade, thanks to celebrities like Kim Kardashian for popularizing the hourglass look. However, like all trends, the tiny waist, and big buttocks look has come and gone, and a slimmer, more natural appearance has recently become popular, introducing the skinny BBL look. 

This plastic surgery is expected to grow into 2023 due to people desiring a more natural look that fits with their normal body type rather than a drastic difference that can end up looking disproportionate with such a huge waist-to-hip ratio. Even celebrities well-known for their hourglass figure, like Kim and Khloe Kardashian, have been recently seen with smaller hip and buttocks proportions. And with many celebrities now opting for a more natural hip-to-waist ratio, many people suspect the skinny BBL look will take over the previous era of Brazilian butt lifts.

A skinny BBL still follows the same procedure techniques as a regular Brazilian butt lift; however, less fat will be removed and injected into the buttock and hip area to create a more natural, proportionate look. 

Subtle Enhancement Over Dramatic Changes

When many people think of plastic surgery, they might think of images of people who look botched and uncanny or believe that it can make people look not like themselves or even too similar. Some plastic surgeons are even known for creating specific looks among patients. However, with the rise in plastic surgery over the last few decades, more people opting for procedures are making it a criterion to still hold onto their unique features and enhance the face or body with subtle adjustments. 

This can be achieved with pretty much any cosmetic procedure when done by a skilled plastic surgeon who prioritizes natural results and preserving patients’ natural beauty. 

Revisions to Previous Surgeries

While surgery revisions aren’t new, there is a growing trend of people who desire to change or correct results from previous surgeries. This may be done to update or improve results from past surgeries, as the aging process affected what the original results looked like. This may also be done to revise and correct results from a surgery that a patient isn’t happy with. 

Plastic surgery revision can be done to correct a bad nose job, change the size of previously placed breast implants or remove them entirely, correct asymmetry a previous surgery didn’t fully correct, and more.

The Bottom Line

There’s no question that plastic surgery is an in-demand industry. Plastic surgery is booming and it’s anticipated that it will only continue growing. While some plastic surgeries are always on trend, other procedures or aesthetics achieved from specific procedures can become trendy. Regardless if a procedure you’re considering is currently trendy or not, it’s important to consider the end results, why you want the surgery, and if you’d still be happy with the results even if it stopped being trendy. 

Plastic surgery is not something to take lightly; the results are often permanent and require more surgery to reverse or change the results. The first step is to consult with a licensed plastic surgeon who can discuss your desired outcome and determine if you’re a good candidate for plastic surgery and which procedure is best suited for you. 
Ready to get started? Leif Rogers, MD, is an Ivy-league-educated and board-certified plastic surgeon with over two decades of experience helping people feel better in their bodies. Contact his office today to set up a consultation.

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