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Plastic Surgery Trends in 2023: What’s New?

Wonder what looks you can expect in this new year? Plastic surgery trends change as often as body trends and tend to follow the latest physique preferences. While the idea that a body can be on trend is not always ideal, plastic surgery is not immune to changing societal opinions or preferences. Keeping up with plastic surgery trends 2023 can help you decide what might be right for you in the short and long term. 

Some procedures come into style and are out by the end of the year, while others may help you achieve the look you’ve always wanted. And as technology advances, there have never been so many safe ways to achieve different beauty standards. 

These changes and shifts are influenced by a variety of factors, from the economy to the current culture. Physical trends with plastic surgery are similar to those in makeup and fashion. They change the way you want to look or present yourself. Many procedures aren’t long-term, so the changing styles are more attainable without needing a significant recovery time. Several of the 2023 trends revolve around the idea that less is more as many patients seek treatment options that are non-invasive and provide a more short-term change. 

Following New Aesthetics

Plastic surgery trends follow what the trending physique of the time is, and right now, things are shifting from excessive curves to natural, slim figures. Even though many procedures like Brazilian butt lifts and breast augmentation may remain popular, these procedures will likely be done to achieve a more natural look. 

People are looking for enhancements that may not be immediately noticeable and fit better with their bodies. A breast augmentation may involve a smaller size increase to fit with the natural proportions of a patient. These types of changes produce less dramatic results, but allow for a smoother transition after treatment since the look isn’t a drastic change. 

The preference for a more natural look leads to subtle procedures trending. This includes many non-invasive procedures allowing for less downtime and a simpler recovery process. 

Plastic Surgery Trends 2023: The Facelift Lite

The facelift is expected to remain popular in plastic surgery trends 2023, but many people have been getting a headstart on a beauty regime. More plastic surgery practices are seeing patients in their 40s come in looking for facelift options, but with more subtle results. Because the clients tend to be younger and not seeking drastic changes, the facelift currently in style is a lighter version.

Skin is still removed from around the face, but there is less excess to cut away. Muscles by the jaw and neck are tightened, but again, it’s not a significant amount. A surgeon often includes fat grafting around the cheek to help prevent a too-tight and pulled look and create more natural youthful results. While it is still a facelift, with risks and the necessary recovery time, the downtime tends to be shorter since less drastic work is done. 

These patients getting work done earlier are essentially planning to maintain it and may need less work down the line. A tuck here and there may be necessary later, as the skin continues to lose elasticity, but it won’t be as severe a shift or require the same amount of work since people are planning ahead. This trend ties in with more younger individuals focusing on advanced skincare routines to prevent early aging and wrinkles and maintain younger-looking skin for longer. 

The Eyes And Brows

Eyelid lifts, called blepharoplasty, and brow lifts are rising this year. Many people receiving injections hit a point where they can’t do what they once could. The results aren’t incredibly long-term, and age will take a toll eventually. There is also a shift in the use of fillers, as many people have been seen overdoing it in the past few years. More people want to step back from so much filler and go for a more direct approach that works with their current facial features. 

Eyelid and brow lifts are used instead of fillers to help maintain a youthful and natural appearance. Fillers can freeze those areas and leave some faces looking stricken or expressionless. People want to be able to appear natural while still achieving a specific beauty aesthetic. These procedures can rejuvenate the face without hindering current features and allow for natural movement as well. 

Plastic Surgery Trends 2023: Injections

Fat injections and fillers are likely to remain popular, just with a more toned-down approach. The ability to inject fillers and fat into different areas has greatly improved plastic surgeons’ abilities in sculpting and forming areas of the body. 

The past few years have seen a huge increase in fillers (both fat and synthetic fillers), especially around the lips, cheeks, and more prominent body curves to enhance an hourglass silhouette. However, as a more natural shape moves into style, these fillers will likely lessen but not go away completely. Lip fillers are still being used, just with a lighter approach to create a fuller lip that doesn’t look like it’s had work done. 


Liposuction rarely goes out of style, as it is crucial in reshaping a person’s silhouette and enhancing certain curves. What may be changing is where and how people want to approach liposuction. More clients are looking to adjust specific areas previously less acted on, like around the ankles and legs. These tend to be areas on patients with the body they mostly want but are looking to finetune certain aspects. You cannot choose where you shed fat and with the current focus on fitness and a naturally lean physique, people who struggle with specific spots may be coming in more often for liposuction to help trim down those areas. 

There is also a trend emerging around getting liposuction around the entire midriff area to create a more trim waistline, otherwise unattainable unless you have the right genetics. The improvement of tools and techniques allows clients to come in with more creative and specific requests that may be accommodated today. 

Long-Term Results

One often unseen impact on plastic surgery trends is the economy. People don’t often consider how the one’s bank account will change what procedures people get, but it can play a significant role.

A poor economy leads people to look at procedures with lasting results, so they don’t need to keep coming back. They are willing to invest upfront to stop spending in the long run, and this contributes to more procedures like BBLs and breast augmentation, which can last over ten years to a lifetime. 

People are more willing to take some drastic steps if it means permanent results. This is also seen with fillers since some people are now opting for a surgical option since it will not require continuous maintenance and more appointments. Some individuals taking advantage of the latest techniques around lasers and microneedling may seek a more substantial change, leading to surgical solutions instead of yearly appointments. 

Ever-Changing Trends

One of the most important things to remember when considering plastic surgery is that trends do change. You want to get a procedure done for yourself and how it will make you feel, not because it’s the look society is currently pushing. Trends can certainly help you realize a look you’ve always wanted or help you better explore certain options. The final decision to change your body should be yours and yours alone. 

When you’re looking for a plastic surgeon to work with you need to find someone who will work with you and your current body. They need to be honest about what results you can and cannot achieve and help you consider all possible options to know what will be best. Plastic surgery is often more of a commitment than people realize, especially significant surgical procedures. The results can be maintained through lifestyle adjustments and rely on your time and effort to ensure they remain what you wanted from the start. 
If you want to consult with a plastic surgeon, consider Leif Rogers, MD, and his team. Dr. Rogers is a board-certified plastic surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He has over a decade of experience working with patients to ensure the best results. Schedule a consultation today to learn more about your options and how you could change your look.

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