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If you’ve seen a picture of a celebrity recently and thought, “they’ve had some work done,” you’re likely not alone. Celebrity plastic surgery is a popular topic of discussion, as many famous individuals have different cosmetic procedures to enhance looks or stave off the effects of aging or both. Celebrities tend to indicate new trends, and following them can provide insight into the next hot looks. Though these can vary over time, and so can the plastic surgery procedures used to achieve them.

We can often use celebrities to predict upcoming trends in plastic surgery for a wider audience by looking at the procedures most common among those in the public eye. The beauty standard changes frequently, and lately, there have been many adjustments to the expected look or desired features. The most popular procedures among celebrities can indicate where beauty standards are moving. Whether you’re reading to see what the new year may bring for beauty or to get the down low on celebrity surgery, find out what’s been nipped and tucked below. 

On Trends

While there are plenty of popular procedures trending among celebrities, that should not ultimately determine what you do with your body. If you are considering plastic surgery, it can be a great way to achieve your desired look, but it should not necessarily be seen as a fad. Many celebrities are having things undone because of how drastically beauty standards have changed. Some of these procedures can last a lifetime, so if you are considering plastic surgery, be sure it is what you want long-term. 

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: All Natural

Current procedures among celebrities have been aiming at more “natural” looks instead of drastic changes. These can be more subtle and even include reversals of past procedures. Many celebrities who had implants put in are getting them out. People are going for a slightly slimmer, more natural figure over the curvy Kardashian look that dominated the industry for many years. 

This means many of the popular procedures tend to be less invasive when they don’t involve removing previous implants. And even though some are not as serious surgically, the results can still be dramatic.

Botox and Liposuction Basics

Even with the push for a more “natural” look in popular media, Botox and liposuction are still some of the most popular procedures. This is due to the flexibility of these procedures. Many celebrities and media personalities are getting Botox and liposuction in more minor, less noticeable ways. 

Botox is typically used to prevent the signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. So unless it is done to an extreme, the results can be subtle and less noticeable, allowing someone to go about their day without showing signs of plastic surgery while promoting younger-looking skin. With more attention on skincare and maintaining younger looks due to social media and other cosmetic trends, Botox is being done on people of all ages. Many people now start in their mid to late 20s to prevent early aging.

Getting liposuction is a popular option among celebrities and everyday individuals. Since it is a more flexible option, people use it to do more subtle work. Instead of aiming for chiseled abs, people are using it to reduce fat under the chin and even around the ankles. These changes may be harder to notice, offering a more sculpted and natural look.

Non-Invasive Is In

As beauty trends move back toward a slimmer build with not as noticeable physical changes, many celebrities are opting for non-invasive plastic surgery options. As technology improves, more have become available and offer more customization. Getting a chin augmentation could mean getting an implant or simply getting filler which would last a year or two. These changes allow celebrities to get procedures that can be maintained or stopped when the trend goes out of style. Below are some of the most common procedures celebrities are getting right now.

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Lip Augmentation

While some celebrities are kissing goodbye the lip fillers, most are still using this technique but going for a more toned-down look. Full lips are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon, and we can still expect to see plenty of people getting lip augmentation in the form of fillers in the future. 

Lip filler offers a much easier and less-invasive option for those who want the appearance of plumper lips. It also helps people look younger and creates a more youthful look to the skin since, as we age, our lips tend to shrink and show more wrinkles. Even with the obvious lip filler look subsiding, lip augmentation is unlikely to go anywhere soon among celebrities. 

Eye Lift

Many celebrities, especially as they age, are getting eye lifts. Some younger stars, from actors to models, are also getting slight eye lifts to create a more sculpted and fox-like look. This style can be done through a more serious plastic surgical procedure or temporary techniques. Some surgeons may use a laser to tighten the skin above the eyes and add some filler underneath for more volume. This can create a more cat-eye look that is currently in style. 

The temporary options, which can last up to five years, allow people to try out the look before committing to a more long-lasting procedure. Eye and brow lifts can be dramatic or subtle, depending on what you go for, and many celebrities have one or the other. 

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Buccal Fat And Chin Filler

Late 2022 and early 2023 saw a noticeable increase in buccal fat removal and chin fillers. Buccal fat is around the cheeks, and removing it creates a more sculpted, contoured look. Some people achieve this look through makeup, but a more dramatic approach can be having it removed through plastic surgery techniques. 

Buccal fat reduction is a quick procedure that requires very little recovery time. It can also create very subtle changes in the face that are not immediately apparent. Some celebrities have gone for more noticeable changes, but many are likely to have this done without anyone really noticing. It is an easy way to slim down the face and create the appearance of more prominent cheekbones.

Long-Lasting Results 

It’s predicted that there may be an uptick in procedures that offer long-lasting results. While fillers may be dissolved for some, facelifts will come in along with breast implants and liposuction. To save time and money, people want to end up with something that will last longer and won’t require consistent appointments. This trend is more common among regular clientele since celebrities are less impacted by economic downturns or inflation. 

With plastic surgery becoming more commonly discussed, many people feel more comfortable getting procedures they may have wanted. It has also become more affordable as the industry has grown and more plastic surgeons have entered the workforce. 

Celebrity Plastic Surgery: Fit And Contoured

The sleek-faced look from Ariana Grande to Bella Hadid remains in style, and many celebrities are getting procedures that create a more contoured look. While the techniques may vary, there have never before been as many options to choose from. It should be noted that while the above procedures are popular, many celebrities get numerous things done. A subtle nose job and brow lift can go a long way, and many people make gradual changes, so they don’t immediately look different to the public eye. 

Trends of the Time

While looking at celebrities may provide some inspiration for a look you want to achieve, it’s important to make changes because you want them. The people most satisfied with their plastic surgery results are individuals who came to a decision for themselves and were not only following a trend. The main thing to take away from conversations around popular plastic surgeries for celebrities is how often the trends change and shift. Getting something done that is temporary and noninvasive may be a good decision to start with so you can see if you will actually like the look long-term. For example, using chin fillers before getting an implant can help determine if that’s what you want. 
If you are interested in plastic surgery, working with a licensed plastic surgeon can ensure you receive proper care and the best possible results. Leif Rogers, MD, and his team have many years of experience working with all kinds of people, helping them achieve their goals. Want to see if your dream image could be made into a reality? Reach out to Dr. Rogers and his team today to schedule a consultation and learn more.

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