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What Is Banana Roll Fat? And How To Stretch It Out

Have you ever looked in the mirror from a different angle and been shocked? Or perhaps you’ve gone into a dressing room and finally seen the back of your body in a full-length mirror, only to find problems you didn’t know were there. Sometimes the body can store fat in surprising spots that aren’t always flattering. Banana roll fat is a name for fat pockets that develop just under the buttocks.

Everyone has aspects of their bodies that they want to change. Luckily there are often many strategies to fix what you don’t like. If you’ve noticed your fat doesn’t settle into the areas you want, but instead gathers below your buttocks, you might be dealing with banana roll fat. The good news is there are ways to deal with fat in this area, so let’s dive in.  

What Is Banana Roll Fat?

Banana roll fat can look like unsightly rolls of extra fat and often develop due to a weaker posterior thigh and glute area. It’s between the upper thighs and buttocks and can accumulate in various sizes. It can cause someone’s back area to look saggy and unsculpted and they affect all shapes and sizes.

These are not only present on people who have experienced weight gain or are overweight, but also on some thin bodies. Fat does not go where we tell it to, so banana rolls can impact anyone. They can be on both sides or only one. 

The Cause

If it can happen to anyone, you might wonder what causes banana roll fat to develop. It can be due to many different circumstances. Someone may have a genetic predisposition for their body to store fat in that area. This can make it especially hard to get rid of later since you are working against genetics.

It could also arise due to a sedentary and stationary lifestyle, leading to unfit glutes and more fat. People who work in office jobs or any position that leads to less day-to-day movement could be more prone to developing banana roll fat.

Banana roll fat could also develop due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. During those times, the body will store fat to help with such demanding periods. This is in part due to hormones supporting fat storage. After giving birth, many individuals may struggle to shed that new extra weight. 

Some people may have metabolism issues and a body that distributes weight only in specific areas. Banana roll fat can make someone incredibly self-conscious and be tricky to get rid of. 

Finally, banana rolls can be associated with age. The older we get, the less firm our tissues are and the loss of collagen can cause tissues to sag. The sagging tissue in combination with fat deposits can present as banana rolls. 

Some people might feel that it can’t be shed no matter what they do, but there are some tools you can use to target banana roll fat. 

Not every solution will work for you, so knowing what’s most effective for your body is important. If you have lost weight in the past or been able to target specific areas, think of what strategies you used then. If you aren’t sure where to start, the best approach is to be well-rounded. Use various methods to help work your body into a better, more fit place. 

Banana Roll Fat: Natural and Common

While people might read a description of banana roll fat and think it’s a serious body issue, it’s not. It might be something certain individuals wish to get rid of so they can achieve a specific silhouette, but it is normal to store fat in the upper thigh area. Banana roll fat is not a sign of severe health issues or requires immediate attention. It is entirely up to the individual, but the development of fat in those spots can be completely healthy. 

Banana roll fat does not indicate that someone is obese or needs immediate weight loss. While a sudden development could suggest a change in routine, it should not cause panic or fear for your body. 

Most people want to get rid of banana roll fat purely because they prefer a specific aesthetic. Getting rid of it and also not being bothered by it are both perfectly acceptable options. You need to do what makes you most comfortable in your body. If you feel it is a sign you are developing unhealthy habits, then it can and should be addressed with those in mind. 

How to Get Rid of Banana Roll Fat

If you’ve started noticing more fat just below your buttocks, there are several options to help you target that area. Some people may have to consider more intensive options like plastic surgery, but it’s essential to consider how you can work on it yourself. Working on maintaining a healthy (particularly healthier than you have been) diet and getting more exercise could be exactly what you need to shed the rolls.


When you read the word “diet,” don’t think of the latest dangerous fads like juice cleanses or intense fasting regimens. Think of how to achieve more balanced meals. Cut out any unnecessary sugar and replace processed foods with whole foods. Try to fill your plate with more veggies and fruits, but make sure it’s still well-rounded. Cutting out entire food groups will make it hard for your body to function well. 

The idea of diet should be to eat healthier and help your body work better, not harder, because it lacks vital nutrients. If you are pairing an adjusted diet with exercise, you need to account for those new calories being spent. Are you eating enough daily to maintain your normal energy levels and help your body keep working? 

If you have been eating worse lately or even within the last year, that could be what contributed to the development of banana roll fat. If you have dealt with them for longer, diet might not be a complete solution, but it could set you on the right track.


Exercise is crucial to weight loss and body sculpting, no matter what area you want to target. Generally, it is difficult to precisely aim for one area of the body, but some leg exercises could help with banana fat rolls. 

One of the most important things to remember with exercise is consistency. Working out once every few weeks and pushing your body very hard for a few hours won’t deliver the results you want. You need to schedule regular workouts, at least several times a week, where you exercise and get your heart rate up. This isn’t just good advice for shedding fat, but for leading a healthier life as well. 

Where to Target

Due to the location of banana roll fat, working out the glutes and hamstrings is crucial. You might be tempted to only focus on the glutes, but working out the thighs will be where you see the most difference over time with banana roll fat. 

While you won’t be skipping leg day with these routines, throw in a few other workouts as well. If you overwork one area of your body, especially if your workout regime is new and strenuous, you risk getting hurt. And more time on the couch recuperating won’t help with the extra weight. If you worked out your legs on Monday, try doing back and arms on Tuesday or taking a rest day. Ease your body into exercising regularly so that it’s more habitual and sustainable.


Adding cardio to your workout schedule helps keep you fit and healthy and can provide more energy. Try working on the treadmill or outside by running or walking uphill to get the hamstrings stretched out and warmed up. Sprinting can also help some people give their metabolism a boost and help kick some weight. 

Remember that everyone is different, so try a few strategies and give them time to work. When you start working out, it’s common not to see physical results for several weeks to a few months. You may begin feeling stronger and have more energy, but your physical changes will take more time to notice. 


Lifting and repeating specific moves can do wonders in building muscle in your legs and glutes. Try adding specific weight-lifting exercises like lunges and deadlifts to your repertoire. You can expand on those with walking lunges and single-leg deadlifts as well. Squats, especially Bulgarian squats, can target that spot also. 

You can include glute lifts and bridges if you want to throw in some glute-focused moves. You don’t have to start with many reps if your body isn’t ready. Work yourself up to more reps and weight as you go, and don’t overdo it. The body takes time to build muscle and stamina, so include rest days in your workout week and spread out your leg days.

Along with these more strenuous workouts, you should also stretch your body before and after. This helps prevent injury and prepare your body to work on those areas. Trying less arduous exercises like yoga can also help ease you in and give you more variety.

Surface Treatments

While things like massages and skin treatments won’t immediately eradicate fat from your body, they can help with the appearance and texture of your skin, minimizing the look and prominence of banana fat rolls. These kinds of at-home treatments are best paired with additional steps since, on their own, they will not be as impactful. 

Try adding a coffee scrub to your body toning therapies and a seaweed wrap as well. Massaging the area can also help with cellulite and working the muscles. While these treatments aren’t required, they may add a lot if you’re working out your body in new ways. Giving yourself more restful strategies can help your body adjust smoothly.

In addition to spa level treatments, regenerative therapies such as cryotherapy and red light therapy can enhance weight loss regimens and improve tissue quality.  There are a slew of new nontraditional technologies that have clinically proven effects on your health and body composition.

Plastic Surgery 

Not everyone can shed banana roll fat through diet and exercise. Sometimes it sticks around regardless. In that instance, plastic surgery options help target the problem. The most common way to target banana roll fat is with a Brazilian butt lift, which redistributes the fat to the buttocks area, making it perkier and more prominent. 

Other options like liposuction may help, but if you are considering surgery, the best way to find out what will work is to consult a plastic surgeon. They can help you assess what can be changed and how. Surgery is the best option for people who have tried other strategies and have not found them effective. Banana roll fat can be stubborn and feel immovable. In those instances, a plastic surgeon can help shape your body into what you want. 

Watch the Fat Roll Off

Banana roll fat may be unsightly to some, but it is not a severe issue. You can try diet and exercise to help get your body back into shape. Sometimes it’s more stubborn than that. In this case, a plastic surgeon would be able to help. 

What is most important is finding the solution that works for your body. No one should have to live a life filled with self-conscious thoughts about their looks. If you’re considering working with a plastic surgeon to target this area, look no further than Leif Rogers, MD. He has helped many patients achieve their dream bodies. 
Whether your next move is to buy a gym membership or schedule a consultation, start working toward your ideal figure today.

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